Nadia Strelkina Biography
Best artist of the year” for the seriesthe Melody of Angelsfrom the American company “The Bradford Exchange

One of the traditional and best known species of the Russian national applied art is a miniature lacquer painting of various products from papier-mache. Russian lacquer miniature products from papier-mache famous in all the world - just go into any store Russian Souvenirs, to be sure. Initial development centres and crafts became the Russian village of Palekh, Kholui, Mstera and ,of course, the birthplace of Fedoskino Russian lacquer. Lacquer miniature each of these places have their own production and stylistic features, and the specialist can always tell, which made a particular product. Fedoskino lacquer miniature is performed on the finished product from papier-mache oil paints in three or four layer sequentially zamalevat (General sketch of the composition), copy or pereulok(in more detail), glaze (modeling image with transparent colors), likavka (the complete works of bright colors that convey the glare on the subject). Original Fedoskino technique is the "letter on cross-cutting": on the surface before painting is applied reflective material is a metal powder, gold leaf or petal, or inserts are made from mother of pearl. Shining through through the transparent layers scumbling paint, these pads give the image depth and give an amazing glow effect. The range of Handicrafts are very diverse caskets, caskets, diverse in shape and size boxes, cover albums and notebooks, tea-caddies, cechnicki, Easter eggs, jewelry and much more.


Artist Hope Strelkina was born and raised in the suburban village of Fedoskino
Strelkina is her last name in marriage, and in girlhood she Burbysheva. Family Borisevich gave several generations of famous Fedoskino artists. At the turn of XIX-XX centuries, the great grandfather of Hope had owned a small factory called "Borisovska workshop" who painted lacquered snuffboxes, silver cigarette cases, cups, etc. the Revolution of 1917 made it impossible for private enterprise, and Barbariska workshop" ceased to exist. However, the dynasty Burbysheva Zahara Timofeevich was continued by his sons, Simon and Dmitry, who were the leading Fedoskino artists cooperative in Soviet times. Father Hopes Strelkina, Victor Semenovich Barbashev, was among the best artists of the Fedoskino factory of miniature painting and worked there for over 40 years.
Hope also continued the dynasty of artists, finished Fedoskino school of miniature painting.
Ability to art showed her very early. His main teachers in art she believes the old classical masters. Inspired by them, as well as the old Russian fairy and spiritual traditions, she creates images that evoke in the viewer a kind and pure feelings. The art style kind of Hope and makes it immediately recognizable. The manner of writing is very delicate and is famous for soft, delicate faces, as if illuminated from within. It is the embodiment of the Russian ideal of female beauty.


Operation hope of Strelkina are in the Museum Fedoskino factory, as well as in many private collections in Russia and abroad; she takes part in exhibitions of applied art around the world. In 1995, the work Hopes were licensed in the United States and immediately gained huge popularity. The largest gift by The Bradford Exchange" has released a series of music boxes, porcelain plates, Christmas decorations and so on " Symphony of Angels". For this series, Hope was awarded with the crystal Cup " is the New name of the year".
And ever since Hope cooperates with different companies. Her work can be seen on different products ( postcards, calendars, puzzles, Christmas decorations, collectible plates, music boxes I. D.) in fact, in any country of the world. Thanks vozmojnostiami income through licensing, Hope could not sell their original works and , Skopje largest collection, was able to fulfill his dream to open his own private Museum in the homeland of Russian lacquer in the famous village of Fedoskino. In the Museum's collection features more than 40 works of lacquer miniature ( caskets, chests, wall panels), created Hope for the last 20 years.


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